Working on the NEW NORMAL together We care 4 you.

The coronavirus pandemic has affected EVERYONE, but now we need to look ahead and move forward.

As dental health professionals, we already know the critical importance of effective infection control, however, we need to take this to a new level to safeguard the health and well-being of our staff and patients.

This is also a unique opportunity to change, improve, rethink, and streamline all our procedures and treatment paradigms to create a NEW NORMAL that is EVEN BETTER than before.

Having full confidence in the safety of your clinics is the key!


Despite their location at the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in Korea, MIR Dental Clinic & MegaGen Implant
Company implemented new stricter infection control protocols that allowed both locations to stay open throughout the coronavirus
crisis without a single case of COVID-19 infection. Find out more.
  • Thorough disinfection protocol for the CLINIC ITSELF

    Dental clinics should go through a thorough disinfection protocol for their safe environments on a DAILY BASIS. At least disinfect the whole clinic three times a day:before the clinic opens, during lunch time, and after the clinic closes. This is a way to keep everyone safe.
  • Safety protocol for our DENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONALS

    Dental health professionals should be able to protect themselves FIRST just like they protect their patients. Follow the simple safety protocols – Self-disinfecting, temperature checking, hand sanitizing, mouth gargling and PPE could protect themselves and their patients.
  • Safety protocols for our PATIENTS

    Before the patients go through treatment, they should be disinfected, their health condition should be checked, mouth should be disinfected with gargling. Just like the dental health professionals gearing up with PPE, the patients also should be mechanically protected with shield and suction which can prevent aerosol transmission.

    As we are facing the New Normal of Post-COVID-19, the best way is to minimize the chair-time and increase the safeness for both the dental health professionals and patients! Digital workflow for immediate implantation should be considered as our NEW TREATMENT PARADIGM.

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